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About Us


Estate Kingz, LLC is a Georgia based real estate investment firm that offers individuals professional, experienced, and dynamic asset recovery services, which assists in recovering lost, unclaimed or abandoned funds.


We pride ourselves on our development of a proprietary system that uses specialized forensic technology that accurately identifies excess proceeds and unclaimed funds from individuals that have yet to be identified and claimed. We have access to premium skip tracing software, and utilize various research avenues to refer these funds to the rightful owner.


Our research professionals possess reputable working relationships with law enforcement agencies throughout Georgia, allowing us access to numerous public records and specialized sites to locate individuals and/or beneficiaries to let them know that we may have located their lost, abandoned, or unclaimed funds.


We provide our clients with:


  • Valid information regarding the location of their financial assets or unclaimed funds.

  • Timely customer service and investigative perseverance that meets their individual needs to produce results.

  • An experienced Estate Kingz representative dedicated to working collaboratively to assist with their case.

  • Access to an accredited attorney that will assure that their claim application meets state laws and regulations.

Asset Recovery

What You Need To Know


There are over $30 billion in unclaimed funds being held by local and federal governmental agencies. Tens of millions of dollars are added each year; however, these unclaimed funds do not show up on public record Internet searches.


Unclaimed Funds may derive from the following sources:

  • Unclaimed Back Wages

  • Pensions from Former Employers

  • Retirement

  • Tax Refunds

  • Tax Overages

  • Bank & Credit Union Failures

  • Mortgages

  • Matured Savings Bonds

  • Foreign Claims


After a certain period of time, if the money has not been claimed by the individual(s) to whom it belongs, then the agency holding these funds must turn it over to the state where these funds are being held - this is called Escheatment Process. States are looking at ways to lessen their deficit and offset their budget. Therefore, states will take funds out of the unclaimed fund's accounts and utilize them for their own benefit.


Where We Fit In


We are confident that our services will produce positive results because we are a company created specifically to help individuals find and claim assets to which they are entitled to.


State government agencies make the process of claiming funds extremely difficult for citizens, often requiring them to hire an attorney to review and approve their application before submission. A large majority of agencies tack on additional legal and processing fees when submitting applications as well. These added fees can often discourage or hinder individuals from claiming their assets.


Estate Kingz is here to assist you with your claim application, we will provide you with valid information about your case, handle all the necessary paperwork, take care of any processing or legal fees, and if required we will provide you with an attorney to review your application before submission.


If you have been contacted by phone, letter, or email then you've been identified as someone who may have money coming to them. Our staff is confident that we can help. Please contact our office immediately before your money is escheated and taken by the state agency holding the funds.


How It Works


If you are an individual who may have unclaimed funds at risk of being escheated, our office will send you an Asset Recovery Letter to your home address or contact you over the phone or by email. You will then be given a case identification number which you will use to register and access our database to view information about your unclaimed funds.


A confirmation email will be sent to your email address after you register your Case ID number, and you will be asked to submit identification in order for us to verify that you are the rightful owner of the unclaimed funds.

Sign on the Dotted Line
Let Us Handle the Paperwork

A claim application and other required documents will be sent for you to sign after the verification process.

You Get Paid!

Sit back and let us talk to the government agency holding your funds on your behalf. We will submit all of the required documents, cover any processing fees, and guarantee that you receive the largest percentage of your unclaimed funds.

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