Frequently asked questions

Where are my unclaimed funds coming from?

The location of your assets will differentiate depending on the location of your previously owned property. We have reputable working relationships with local government agencies throughout Georgia, enabling us to actively locate your unclaimed funds. Your assigned case agent will provide you with detailed information about how your assets were recovered.

How long does it take for me to receive my assets after I submit a claim application?

Our average customer can expect to receive a disbursement check 5 to 6 months after a claim application is submitted. Most claim applications are typically set to be reviewed by the state 60 to 90 days after submission, however the time for an application to be approved and disbursed is contingent on the state verifying you are the rightful owner. Each government agency we work with practices different methods of verifying your rights to the unclaimed funds; therefore, the wait time for approval of your claim application can vary. Common reasons that could delay the approval of your claim application are as follows:

  • Entitlement to a large amount of unclaimed funds
  • Having outstanding liens owed against the property
  • Additional parties attempting to claim a portion of the assets
Due to the length of time a claim application can take to be approved, we suggest that you keep your contact information current. We will provide monthly updates on the status of your claim via email, however you can check the status of your claim application at any time by searching your case.

How can I check on the status of my claim application?

You must have a case identification number in order to check the status of your claim. Please click here to check the status of your claim application.

I forgot/lost my Case ID number. How do I retrieve it?

The easiest way to retrieve your case identification number is to check your email. Every email we send to you regarding your case displays your Case ID number. If you are still having trouble finding it, please give us a call at (678) 647 - 8025 to speak to your assigned case agent who can provide you with your case identification number.

Am I entitled to the full amount of my assets?

You are entitled to receive the full amount of the funds being held by the state. We will negotiate on your behalf to make sure that you receive the full amount of your assets. Please be aware that the given unclaimed amount is subject to change due to state processing fees and if liens or outstanding balances are owed against the property. The state requires that all outstanding liens must be fulfilled before your claim check is disbursed. Lien amounts are different with each case, but we will notify you if there is a balance owed to the state.

How much do I have to pay Estate Kingz for their services?

We charge a 30% commission fee from your claim settlement once your check is disbursed from the state. We pride ourselves on creating a relationship with our clients that displays that we have an honest interest throughout the claiming process. We take care of all legal and processing fees associated with your case and pay for an attorney to review your claim application before submission. We do not charge any fees up front to assist you with the settlement of your claim application. All fees incurred will be reimbursed to us only after you receive your check.

How will I receive my assets once my claim is settled?

You will receive your assets via direct deposit through your banking institution. For alternative methods of payment please contact your case agent with your request prior to your settlement.

Why hasn’t the state informed me about my unclaimed assets?

Reasons why you weren’t informed about your assets directly vary per case. Many agencies only practice a single method of contacting individuals about their unclaimed funds, such as a letter to an address they have on file. Often, an individual’s contact information or place of residence have changed, therefore that letter is sent to the wrong address. Agencies do not utilize the proper channels to communicate to individuals nor do they continue to actively search for the rightful owner of the unclaimed funds if they have not received a response. Remember, after five years the state is able to use these unclaimed assets for their own benefit.

Can I still claim my assets if I move out of state?

Yes, no matter your current location you are still entitled to your assets. With us you can submit all of the required documents to complete your claim application electronically.

What happens if I don't claim my assets?

After a specific amount of time, by law, if the money has not been claimed by the individual(s) to whom it belongs, then the funds become officially abandoned, and the agency holding these funds must turn it over to the state - this is called the escheatment process. States are looking at ways to lessen their deficit and offset their budget. Therefore, states will take funds and utilize them for their own benefit. It is best that you submit the required documentation for your claim application to us as soon as possible to avoid having your assets being escheated by the state.

What happens if my claim application is denied?

Though not often, a claim application can be denied for the following reasons: If liens or outstanding balances are found on the property and the state decides that the amount of liens owed exceed the unclaimed amount.